Counselling works best when you have realised that you are struggling and are ready to do the work and make some changes.  Often the time in between the sessions is when you gain insight into what has happened to you, and you can begin to think about what came up in your sessions and how you feel about that.  Therapy is not easy and can often stir up painful memories and past hurts.  However, sharing these feelings with a professional counsellor who is neutral and non-judgemental can lead to gaining a clearer understanding of why they still affect you, and can help lessen the pain, helping you to recover. 

This is entirely up to you and will be something that we will discuss in the initial consultation. Sometimes a few sessions can be very beneficial to help you through a current crisis, whereas longer term counselling can help you explore your problems in depth and understand how they originated.  We will work on what you need to do to let go of the past and live more happily.

Please click on each of the individual counsellor's profiles/websites for details of their fees.

Please click on each individual counsellor's profiles/websites to see which type of therapy they offer.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and usually weekly depending on your circumstances.

We ask for a minimum of 24 hours to cancel a session with no charges. We will charge the usual fee for last minute cancellations.

You can pay with cash or cheque (made out to your counsellor) or by bank transfer, at the beginning or the end of the session.  We will discuss this with you during the consultation to see which works best for you.

Often it will become clear that you are coming to the end of your counselling as you will feel stronger and more able to cope.  We will discuss when you would like to finish and perhaps incorporate a final review to look at your progress and look at how you will build on this progress after the counselling has ended. If you are unhappy with your counselling then we can look at why and discuss what you would like to do.

Your counsellor will arrange to meet with you at the main door to guide you to their counselling room. The counsellor will be waiting to greet you at the time arranged. Please see the photographs on the ‘Gallery’ page and the map of where the building is situated.

There is free parking in the surrounding roads for up to two hours.

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